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Mystery Recycle Candles

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In collaboration with our ML Recycle Program - we bring you Mystery Candles! 

We have randomly poured delicious scented fragrances in clean and reused recycle jars. Here at Modern Love we encourage the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle revolution to better take care of our planet.

These candles are heavily discounted since it is randomized with no fancy label. 

Anyone who has turned in recycled vessels will receive a lovely discount code that can be used towards these candles! More info here.

Candle Care: 70+ Hour Burn Time, Trim Wood Wicks to 1/8 Inch Before Lighting, Burn for 2-4 hours or until full wax pool has melted.

100% Non Toxic Soy Wax | Natural Wood Wicks | Made Sustainably in PNW

Customer Reviews

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Mary Priest
Recycled never smelled so good!

I am so thrilled about the upcycled vessel program through Modern Love! I got two scents that I love, made with the same incredible quality that I’ve been enjoying for years. This is a great guilt-free purchase!